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Anonymous said:
Is it true that Baekhyun is gay?


idk let me text him

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Anonymous said:
can I ask for yixing fanmeet greetings vid? :))

i don’t have all of it, i only recorded a small part. if you come off anon, i can give just that part to you, since if i upload it, sm butt will take it down

(same for the other anon who asked for it!)

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Track: B.A.P's Interesting English
Artist: 6 Dorks
Album: wow, profanity much.
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BTS - When They Write Lyrics
BTS - Lyrics (Written by S.O.K)
Rapmon: guys we need to start writing songs again
Suga: let's write about big ringz
Rapmon: no
Suga: fur coatz
Rapmon: yoongi pls
Suga: the thug lyfe
Rapmon: already dOne NO you aren't allowed to contribute yoongi
Jin: what about the struggles...the struggles of living life as an underground rapper...of barely being able to afford food as you try to live life doing what you love
Rapmon: ok Jin WHAT are u talking about when were you an underground rapper
Jin: you don't know shit about me namjoon
Rapmon: taehyung do you have anything
V: any what
Rapmon: ideas
V: for what
Rapmon: for a SONG
V: ohhhh
Rapmon: ......
V: ........
Rapmon: ??????? So do you????
V: do I what
Rapmon: oh my GODDDD
J-hope: maybe it could be about all the sadness in the world
J-hope: and how the only thing that brings us happiness is smiles
Rapmon: uuuuuugH
J-hope: a smile full of radiance and beauty
Rapmon: why are u still talking
J-hope: my smile. it brings the most happiness. I'll be the center in the MV of course
Jungkook: whOA that sounds like a great idea
J-hope: you're learning from the master young one
Jungkook: oooo and let's add some butterflies
J-hope: wow kookie, you are learning so well, that is a wonderful idea
Jungkook: and maybe I can do a cool move like where I'm setting the butterfly free and-
Rapmon: first of all, you've aLREADY done that
Jungkook: yea but everyone loved it so let's do it again
Jimin: uhH what are we doing, a song?
Rapmon: yEs jimin
Jimin: well what about, a LOVE song
Suga: ooooo about who jimin ??
Jimin: my angel
Suga: omg
Jimin: my love
Suga: jimin bby
Jimin: you are my muse. I could write a million songs about you. how I don't want another pretty face. I don't want just anyone to hold. I don't want our love to go to waste. I want you....and your beautiful soul.
Suga: jimin....that...that was beautiful. *starts crying* I don't think anything has ever touched my thug heart so deeply
V: jimin, it must be true love if you can just come up with lyrics like that
Jungkook: hyung, your words are like a shining light!
J-hope: I think we found our new song, right leader?
Rapmon: I'm going solo bye
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